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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 2, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EST

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of spending cuts. what happens now? >> beans jalapeno and shellfish may not be your breakfast of champions but you may want to add them to the diet that could help you lose weight. we will explain how ahead on this wednesday morning. thanks for joining us on -- i am megan preeningel. >> one hal paneee can -- preeningel. >> one jalapeno -- preeningel. >> one -- pringle. >> one hal ando could go a long -- jalapeno can go a long way. >> filtered sunshine in the afternoon and we will do it all over again into tomorrow. but stepping out the door this morning, you need to dress accordingly. looking at temperatures at 29 degrees. so you know that means the two words, bundle up as you step out and about. very dry air in place. we are talking about teens. we are looking at 32 degrees for a temperature right now in millersville. so we are at freezing right now. and in sykesville that temperature below freeing coming in at 29. and we have a little wind chill
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as well because the winds are out of the north at 3 to 5 miles an hour and as we go into the afternoon it will be about 5 to 10 miles an hour. be prepared for that as well. maryland's most powerful radar not picking up on a whole lot unless you are traveling into southern maryland. but you heard me talk about the dry air. well, a lot of that stuff you are seeing on maryland's most powerful radar evaporating before it gets here. we are seeing flurries. salisbury reported flurries across the area this morning. so be prepared for that as well as you step out and the planner looks like this as we go through time. 37 degrees will be the high temperature for today. with decreasing clouds. let's check the traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. everything is in pretty good shape in howard county. you are looking live at interstate 706789 there are not -- 70. there are not any delays from columbia to 695. heading to the beltway at liberty road, normal conditions. 8 minutes on the outer loop from 795 to 70. and the rest of the beltway
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will remain in great shape. no problems from parkville up to towson. and checking in and looking at the abc2 timesaver traffic drive teems no concerns on the jfx heading downtown. lep minutes southbound from the beltway down to fayette street. fort mchenry tunnel 8 minutes northbound from the beltway to the toll plaza. that's your traffic. now over to you. 6:02. and breaking news update. crisis averted at least for now. last night on the holiday for most of us, congress agreed on a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. sherrie johnson is live this morning with what it can mean for you. there's a lot of stuff to work through with this. >> reporter: oh, you are absolutely right especially with the debt ceiling. we have more work but after months of drama and tense negotiations, congress passed legislation to avoid the fiscal cliff. lawmakers did not meet the deadline and they didn't get the grand bargain that both parties clap was the goal
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there. was concern among -- a lack of spending cuts. the deal would shield income tax cuts for all workers earning less than 400,000 dollars a year and households earning less than 450,000 dollars. it prevents a tax hike on a state's -- estates valued at less than 5 34eu8ion and extends unemployment benefits for about 2 million people that were set to expire. now what it does not do is raise the debt ceiling. in two months the government will reach the limit on borrowing unless congress acts. the bill delays large cuts to the pentagon and other government programs. now although congress missed the january 1st midnight deadline by-passing the compromise deal in the house and senate, congress can try to take credit for retroactive tax cuts. >> i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into a recession. >> reporter: now the president praised the deal and quickly
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took off for a hawaiian vacation. now in march, another round of fighting as congress tackles the debt ceiling. reporting live, sherrie johnson. >> after this happened maryland congressman andy harris released a statement in part reading, i oppose this legislation that increases taxes on 77% of people in my district. and here's why congressman harris says the deal actually raises taxes on most americans. that deal prevented an increase on income taxes but you will have to pay more coming out of your paycheck. that's because this deal didn't extend to the payroll tax holiday which means someone earning 50,000 dollars a year will pay about 1,000 dollars more a year in social security taxes. an update for you on the condition of secretary of state hillary clinton. she remains in new york hospital after a blood clot was discovered in a vein between her brain and skull. a doctor not involved with this case talked about the secretary of state's recovery. >> she should refrom this.
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she will be treated with blood thinners i can't say how long because i don't know all circumstances but minimum of 3 to 6 months may be longer. could in some rare cases could be lifelong. >> the 65-year-old clinton was admitted to the hospital on sunday. and her daughter chelsea clinton is now taking to twitter to express thanks. thee tweeted this saying "thank you to all for sending good thoughts my mom's way. grateful to all of her doctors and she will make a full recovery." what happened to a 10 year old girl visiting family in cecil county. that's what investigators are trying to figure out this morning. it looks like a bullet grazed her head and right now she is in critical condition. abc2 news linda so is here with the latest details and neighbors are saying they wouldn't be surprised if gunfire is to blame right? >> reporter: yeah they heard gunshots go off when fireworks went off that night. witnesses reported hearing that and investigators believe a bullet went into the air and
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came back down hitting the girl in the head. the 10-year-old from pennsylvania was visiting family when she collapsed after midnight. it happened on ajs court in elkton in cecil county. sheriff deputies are trying to figure out how far the shooter was from the girl and investigators spent new year's day canvassing the neighborhood hoping to find more evidence. at this point, they don't think the bullet came from a family member. but neighbors say they did hear gunshots fired when fireworks went off. >> i have kind of hill billy neighbors that shoot guns off on new year's but i didn't think a bullet could fall out of the sky and hit somebody. >> reporter: at last check the girl was on critical condition on life support. investigators with the cecil county sheriff office want you to call if you were in the area of ajs court on new year eve. they are hoping to get more information on witnesses. the number is 410-392-2117. it's 6 minutes after 6. a
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family is preparing to say bye to a teenage killed in a crash that happened new year's eve on bush chapel road in aberdeen. austin remines hate car going in the opposite direction -- hit a car going in the opposite direction. investigators are trying to determine what caused a two alarm fire at a church in pg county. it broke out tuesday morning at the first wesleyan church of oxon hill. investigators are focusing on two hot spots. damage right now is estimated to be at 100,000 dollars. workers at one hospital are facing a tough choice. you get a flu shot or lose your job. >> some people are able to get around it but when you hear this story you might ask if it's legal. >> stress is bad but what you do about it could be even better. if you want 2013 to be as stress free as possible, stick around for ways to keep yourself in check. >> get ready to paint the town purple. playoff football is here and ravens have a fun way to send
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you to the game. we will tell you how you could see the ravens take on the colts. >> and we have a lot of clouds this morning. i will tell you when the sunshine moves in coming up. >> reporter: there's no delays on 695 here in park heights avenue. i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> and a live look this morning just after 6:00 at times square. looks pretty calm. >> yeah. >> 48 harts ago it was -- hours ago it was a mess. let's head to the big apple for a check of the latest tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, apple's next big thing there are signs we may see another tim cook announcement for an iphone 6. developers are seeing markers left behind by device as happenel -- apple headquarters. problems with the current apple mobile operating system do not disturb function can schedule turnons and turn offs but some users says it's not turn itself off and they are missing calls
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and messages. four square will show the full lane of users unless specifiedotherwise. they will let businesses see the customers who checked the shops. lg electronic is taking order on odle sets they are thinner brighter and use less energy but cost 5 times as much. those are your tech bites. i am john muller.
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ravens fans gearing up for the playoffs. >> that's coming up this weekend. we can't wait. and boughtmore is paint -- baltimore is painting town purple. you noticed a giant logo at
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city hall. crews spent yesterday spraying it in outlying it and filling it in. and the mascot was there telling them how to take care of business. >> listen tomembers of the ravens front office paint more than 300 locations throughout the area. and two special golden logos will appear in the state. fans who find one and upload a picture of it with the team's website and instagram or twitteraccounts will be entered for a chance to win two tickets for the sunday's playoff game. they take on the colts at the bank. kick off is at 1. >> we are all going to be watching that game. it's winter and it's football weather. i am sure sunday will be great. >> we will take football in january with the cold as opposed to not having it. >> exactly. know you need to dress accordingly for today do the same. we have temperatures in the 20s in a lot of spots. it's going to get colder from here. let's talk about as you step out the door in westminster at 25 degrees.
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hanover coming in at 30. 36 degrees in thomas point. huntingtown at 34 and 30 in havre de grace. good morning to you. be a chestertown is at 33. -- and cheter -- chestertown is at 33. let's talk about the satellite and radar. as you step out the door, you are stepping out to clouds. from the clouds, yes, we saw a few flurries if you are around salisbury. so we are talking about southern maryland this morning. we see the wet weather in terms of rain around the carolinas this morning. but high pressure will begin to move in and do its thing as we go through time. we will see some sunshine in here but for today, it's going to be filtered sunshine. but a little more than what we saw yesterday. so anything we will take it right? future trend not picking up on a lot in terms of rain, snow. this is the scenario all week so. we will have a dry week on tap but we are going to be dealing with many days that are coming in below average. so let's talk about temperatures this morning and this afternoon coming in at 37 degrees. this temperature below average for today.
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and even by tonight, that temperature 23 degrees and unseasonably cold under partly cloudy skies. by tomorrow, we are going to do it all over again except we will be colder with that high temperature coming in at 34 degrees. the 7-day forecast looks like this. as we jump right to sunday, the ravens will be playing looks pretty good right now charley with plenty ofbehind in the forecast. let's -- of sunshine in the forecast. let's check the forecast with lauren cook. >> reporter: traffic is picking up on the northeast corridor of 95. and here's a live look at mountain road. no significant delays traveling from bel air down to white marsh. as we check in and look live in hunt valley, 83 at shawan no delays here. 22 minutes altogether from the maryland pennsylvania state line down to the beltway. 695 in great shape no problems from parkville to towson and normal conditions are over on the west side of the beltway. it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel the outer loop from 795 down to 95. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you.
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>> no shot no job that's the dilemma some hospital workers in indiana are facing. this year the hospital's parent company made the flu shot manned tory. exemption were allowed for allergies or religious beliefs but not everyone with religious objections got the waiver. >> i knew right away i would have to walk away from getting the shot. >> why? >> i have a personal conviction that i don't want to have one in my body. >> the health and safety of our patients is our top priority and it has to be. people are entrusted to us to make sure they get health -- get healthy. >> 26 people aflied for the ex- - applied for the exemption and 11were allowed to continue working without the shot. if you are hoping to have a handle on less stress in 2013 that would be a great thing. some stress may be good for you in small doses but chronic stress can be very dangerous.
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>> the short-term, it increases hormone levels but in long-term it depletes those and that's the clonic -- chronic tress that is analling a -- stress that is increasing -- aging increasing our risk for inflammation and plaque rubbingture causing heartdisease stroke and memory loss and by diverting us increases the risk of accidents. >> there's no way to avoid stress. but how you manage it makes a huge difference. dr. rosen recommends deep breathing meditation and having a good circle of friends for support. he says empathy is important, too. 6:16 right now. smoking may be more dangerous for hiv patients than the virus itself. that's according to a new study. researchers found the risk of early death from cancer or heart disease was much higher among infected smokers than
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noninfected ones. being slightly overweight may help you live longer. researchers found people with a little extra weight what 6% lower risk of dying young compared to people who are considered a normal weight. now it's not an excuse to pack on all the pounds because obese people have more than tripled the risk of dying young according to the same study. if luesing weight is atop your resolution this may be something that will surprise you ways to boost your metabolism. >> we heard about this. a lot of people hit the gym with cardioand weights but the most important thing to do every day is enjoy a good breakfast. >> i like that idea. >> after a nice sleep when your body is burning calories, and working hard to keep you alive while you sleep you need to fuel it the next day. you need to break that fast. and so if you don't do that, your body is saying okay, i don't have the fuel i need to function. so i will have to lower the metabolism a little bit to survive. >> when you put it that way? >> there you go. >> your body is fighting to keep you alive. items to use to help boost your
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metabolism beans, jalapeno and water. also shellfish are packed withan which carries oxygen our muscles need to burn fat. make sure that water is frozen. >> yeah coming up, we will tell you how a day on the hills turned into a scary situation. >> and better get the curse jar out. being a potty mouth in the office can cost more than spare change. it could cost a promotion. >> as we go to break a. live picture of st. bart's. lynette has been telling you how cold it will be the next few days, we wanted to send you warm thoughts. look at what's coming up -- thoughts. look at what's coming up today on right this minute. >> hello, i am beth troutman. >> i am steven fabian. >> the first video is surveillance video from the home of zanejohnson a ups delivery guy drops off the package but a few hours later, an unmarked delivery van drives by and backs up and the guy
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gets out and takes the package and they didn't scheduled a pickup. he shows it to the neighbor and they see the delivery van tracks the guy down and gets his information and contact police and the company where the delivery guy works. and then, the same surveillance camera catches what looks like this guy returning the opened package back to the front porch. >> the squirrel in this video is like part acrobat and stuntman. he is trying to get the bird seed down there in the bird feeder but can't walk on the line. look what he does. he shoots himself out there and grabs on with his hands and shimies down and does had -- this crazy move and hangs upside down. but he was determined to say the least. >> for the latest videos catch us on right this minute.
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thank for joining us it's time for caption this where viewers send in pictures we post them to the abc2 facebook page and allow you to caption them. this is from brian and kelly cartwright from their -- of their son kohl. it has a -- cole. laura said what are you going to eat. how sweet ice diane her capping was i licked the side job complete and nick all mine. keep the captions coming and i need photos to use later this week. so e-mail them to and post it on my abc2 fies book page. now back to you -- facebook page now back to you. this story involves swearing at work. this was once our swear jar so you can see how that is going in the newsroom. >> it turned into a spare changejar. no one would contribute to it because if you swear in the
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workplace it could cost your job or promotion. >> even if no one says anything at the time, you could be racking up a record. and employers site cite -- cite swearing as a reason for firing. >> you have to watch the e-mail and how you speak to people in your company and coworkers and bosses and watch the way you speak to your clients. >> if you can't speak without using inappropriate language how professional are you. >> whether you are meeting in the board room or chatting down the hallway, 51% of employees say they have used swear records at work. but only half of those say they did so in front of the boss. 57% of employers said they would be less likely to promote potty mouths. what do you think about swearing in the workplace. >> okay. head to the facebook fan page and weigh in. keep it clean, thoughts. it's a real life goldilocks
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tale. a couple discovered someone had been in their house they lost a bottle jack daniels and a watch and bracelet. that was small worry with they thought about what else went on. food containers in the sink stuff out of the freezer and the beds in the guest room all messed up. >> it was very bizarre. that's why i said it's so creepy to think somebody would come in your home and take the time to sit down and eat something and then lay down in the bed and -- >> and what? they took off with the keys and the clicker to the cadillac which was sitting in the driveway but didn't steal the car. out of fear they may come back, the couple disabled the car so it won't work with the key and the problem is, they can't use it either until they get the ignition and the locks changed. what a pain. >> what a story. >> yeah.
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it's strange. >> someone has been sleeping in my bed. they say that instincts kick in and they had to help. >> coming up, how two homelessmen rose to action to stop a thief.
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now, good morning maryland. a new year's eve celebration goes wrong for a 10- year-old girl. neighbors say they heard gunshots mixed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight and investigators now believe a bullet hit the child. we will have the latest on her condition. a new year and a new shot at making pot legal. where the battle over medical marijuana stand in maryland now that two states have begin it the okay. >> you just finished unpacking and hope you are not too roadweary. what to keep in mind when planning a summer vacation that may be months away. but there's no reason why you don't need to know on this wednesday january 2nd. good morning i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. it's never too early to think about the summer vacation especially when you look at temperatures outside this morning. >> it's cold. lynette charles is back after time off and you brought the arctic express with you. >> i did. the polar express is on the way here. especially by this evening guys. but this morning, not too habe. --


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